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Christmas tree: On overworking cultural competence in a Turkish American marriage

As an academic social worker, I am trained to the gills on the need to encourage my students to work towards “cultural competence,” as they work with people from a range of cultures and sub-cultures. And of course, although I … Continue reading

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The puppets get worried, up Turkish tea infusions

After our return from Turkey (you can read about how the puppets handled that right here, over there and just down there as well) and my Father’s passing, there was a month of fog and gloom – and just general … Continue reading

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Pointing the way to Mecca: Karagöz questions how to share space on Turkish Airlines

Before it registered that I was waking up in the airplane, mid-flight from Istanbul to New York, I could hear Karagöz swinging back and forth.  It was even more than an instant before I remembered that I was returning home … Continue reading

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