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Kırmızı karanfil in Taksim Square: The Karagöz puppets, wordless yet again

As is usual these days, I woke to the array of the puppets still standing, along with all the ‘standing men’ and ‘standing woman’ in Turkey and worldwide who are protesting the increasingly authoritarian practices and tactics of the AKP … Continue reading

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“Anneler Burada!” Hell hath no fury like a (Turkish) mother during #OccupyGezi

So, it’s been a few days since we’ve seen major outbreaks of police brutality in major Turkish cities – although the action is still hot and some of the smaller cities, Mersin & Eskişehir, for example.  Karagoz, as usual, steps … Continue reading

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Taksim Square and #OccupyGezi: Of birds and bees, dogs and trees

We have heard much about the peaceful protesters (a.k.a. “çapulcular“) who have gathered in Istanbul’s Taksim Square – and some about the non-peaceful protesters (who many postulate are actually police working undercover as protestors, and we agree based on photos … Continue reading

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