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Weekly photo challenge: Delicate

Yes, this is my Weekly Photo Challenge entry for “Delicate,” and yes, I am entering a photo of a stone wall.  Karagöz scoffs at the notion of a stone wall as delicate…but reconsiders.  Let me tell you the story of … Continue reading

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“Hayır!” and “No!”: The Karagöz puppets protest November

“Hayır!” and “No!” These were the first words I heard this morning.  One in English and one in Turkish.  In choosing to speak both languages, the puppets were embracing their cross-cultural status.  You see, it has been almost a decade that they … Continue reading

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Of Elma and Indian corn: Karagöz puppets as marriage counselors

Written a few weeks ago before Frankenstorm waited in the wings and before this rotator cuff injury ate my writing hand (my right hand is miffed at this comment): Today, the Karagöz puppets awoke with resolve. “We are,” they cried … Continue reading

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