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#DirenTurkiye: The Karagoz Puppets provide a socio-historical cheat-sheet for what led to #OccupyGezi

Last night, I was moved to write a blog post after 12 hours of watching horror after horror unleash on the 99% of peaceful protestors in Istanbul.  What was worse was knowing we were not seeing it in the other 77 … Continue reading

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Of foxes and fur shops: Karagöz negates Ataturk’s brilliant negociating lesson

When I last left you, M. and I were sitting in a frigid car dealership in the process of buying a new car.  M. was in the throes of channeling his great Uncle M., the silent and deadly Montenegran refugee … Continue reading

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A consideration of Turkish junk food…is that an oxymoron?

My recent foray into the world of leblebi (roasted chick peas, Ataturk’s favorite), salted pumpkin seeds, potato chips and rose hips for road trips  got me to thinking about junk food in general here – what do Turks consider junk … Continue reading

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