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Meet Mark and Esma: The Karagöz puppets howl with glee

We are standing in line waiting for a table at our favorite Mexican restaurant. We’ve been here many many times. M. Walks up to the hostess and asks for a table for two using his Turkish name. “Can you tell … Continue reading

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Saf and Dobra rejoice at Recep Güven’s stunningly human commentary on the PKK in Diyarbakır

Yesterday, the Saf and Dobra puppets were really feeling the weight of their love-hate relationship with Turkey – and the U.S. to boot. In fact, they were quite twisted up about it, mirroring, of course, my own beloved M.’s feelings. … Continue reading

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Esma intones Özdemir Asaf’s “Moment”

Lately, the puppets have been on a poetry kick.  Esma has not shied away from this effort, but has instead surrounded herself with poems.  I can usually find her swaying in the late summer breeze atop an echinacea flower, with … Continue reading

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