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Puppet laryngitis: On stories, (Turkish) soldiers and writing: Part II

  In honor of Veteran’s Day in the U.S., and in honor of my sore rotator cuff, today’s post is a reprise of a previous one, about one of the former soldiers in my present day life. Seni seviyorum canım! … Continue reading

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Hacivad Bey ponders a reader’s pained comment: On Christians and Muslims; Tears and corpses

Today, we (me, M. and the Karagoz puppets) are nowhere near Tulum, Mexico – such are the vagaries of time-lapse blog travel.  Rather, I am home sick, with more blankets piled on top of me than there were mattresses under … Continue reading

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The Karagöz puppets reflect on the culture shock of seclusion

; We awoke in Tulum, Mexico, after our long trip and long stop at La Carretta in Miami, for too much delicious Cuban food. And soon enough, there we were, in the hotel, bellies full of good Mexican breakfast, and … Continue reading

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