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We is Karagöz puppets, worried ’bout M’lady, don’t speak İngilizce good

We is Karagöz puppets, we worried about m’lady. she sleeping now lots. dr. says good. she depressed a lot so we learn iPhone jumping on pad it’s slippery we fall we like play with phone we like solitaire, sudoku when … Continue reading

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The Karagöz puppets vote…İznik vs. mid-century modern tiles

  These days, my shoulder hurts more than one might imagine possible, and those Karagöz puppets, well, they are trying to keep me still, but my right hand *needs* to type occasionally. Luckily, I am somewhat ambidextrous, and I can … Continue reading

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Karagöz shrugs his shoulders – the other puppets celebrate!

Last night, the night of the elections in the U.S., Karagöz stayed up late with M. to see if Green Party candidate Jill Stein would win, shrugged his shoulders & did some “cheer up” somersaults when she didn’t. I was … Continue reading

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