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Death in America, Death in Turkey: The Karagöz puppets work on cultural awareness

Once nestled into every imaginable nook and cranny of the space in and around our airplane seats, the Karagöz puppet troupe breathed a sigh of relief at making it through the security lines unscathed and relatively un-bothered, all things considered.Karagöz … Continue reading

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Karagöz puppets in Pansyland: M’lady and the puppets review Perking the Pansies: Jack and Liam Move to Turkey

Earlier this month, I wrote about Elif Şafak, the Turkish author who in her brilliant talk on the politics of fiction also addressed the importance of sharing and feeling stories in ways that allow for the crossing of cultures and … Continue reading

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The golden shadow puppets lead me to Rumi’s words on letting go, and getting back

I am awake in dreamland. I have been having a lot of anxiety dreams at night.  M. has had a few in Turkish as well, sometimes  he sounds as though he is cajoling, sometimes yelling, sometimes begging, sometimes just talking and laughing, … Continue reading

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