Meet the puppets!

Don’t know quite what to think of this blog?  Or the crazy penmistress behind it?  But kind of like these shadow puppet characters? Well, this is the page for you…meet the puppets!

Bebe Ruhi, the Goof with Dwarfism and an Ample Heart

Chorus of Little Dancing Lady Puppets

Celebi, the Modernist Puppet

Dobra and Saf, the Siamese Twin Puppets who Love-Hate Turkey

Esma, the Hippie Puppet

Hacivad, the Inimitable Learned Sufi Elder Puppet

Hacıyatmaz the Roly-Poly Puppet who Always Bounces Back

Karagoz, the Oppositional Trickster Puppet

Kenne, Queen Puppet of Manners and the Maintenance of Honor and Ladylike Behavior

Khadijah, the Handmaiden Puppet Stolen from North Africa by Ottoman Slavers

Mercan Bey, the Spice Trader Puppet from the Arabian Peninsula

Perihan, the Fairy Godmother Goddess Puppet

Safiye Rakkase, the Vainglorious Dancing Girl Puppet

Tiryaki, the Narcoleptic Opium Addict Puppet

Write-a-matrix, the Academic, Whip-Cracking Dominatrix Puppet

Yehuda Rebbe, the Globalized Rabbi Wise Man Puppet

Zenne, the Nervous Nellie Like a Bowl of Rosehip Jelly Puppet

7 Responses to Meet the puppets!

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