Life after 9/11

Living in a Turkish-American relationship after 9/11, I am never able to quite turn off my worry brain.  While the worry brain is usually on a barely imperceptible simmer, it is there nonetheless. Since I wrote two posts on our post-9/11 experiences in the United States, I have had a lot of private messages as well as hits on those posts. Let me be very clear – while the U.S. has a history of being duplicitous, interfering in other countries, perpetrating horrible acts across Muslim and other cultures and being up-to-no good in many arenas (to put it mildly), what happened on 9/11 was atragedy.  It was a brutal act leading to the loss of human life. What has happened since, however, has not only done irreparable damage to the place of the U.S. in the world on a macro scale – but on the micro level, it has also impacted our relationship in a range of ways – some more significant than others.  I made this page just to voice our reality a bit – in a sea of sometimes not-quite-seeing-clearly American flags.

I am printing a link to my “life in America post 9/11” tag here – that should take you to all posts on this matter…

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