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The Karagöz puppets recover from Bayram Driving madness

    Let me sit down here, have a glass of herbal “island” tea, catch my breath and tell you of the events of the last few days leading up to today’s Bayram (holiday in Turkish). I’m the sole human (or puppet) standing, … Continue reading

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Enjoying a cuppa at the Çinaraltı cafe on Bozcaada

Nothing is more evocative of Turkey for me than the sound of tiny spoons clinking into glasses at a Çay bahçesi (i.e. tea garden or cafe). The puppets sigh with hiraeth at this thought.  They do pine for home now that … Continue reading

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Başınız sağolsun: A Turkish idiom in honor of the Soma disaster’s anniversary

Last year was witness to the worst mining disaster in Turkish history…as we drove through the town of Soma last June, the memorial to the miners stood tall. Black banners and flags flew off of a number of the terraces … Continue reading

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